Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School Time Already?!?

Helloooooo people of the blogging world! I hope you're enjoying you summer break! My days of lounging on the couch and taking naps are virtually over. :(  School starts on August 13 for us, and I have exactly 9 days left to work in my classroom.
 I have done a lot of work in my room but I have SO MUCH left to do!
Here is a picture of my to-do list(ignore my terrible handwriting!) :

And those are just the things I could think of at the moment!

On the bright side, I have managed to get quite a bit done! You can see some of my progress on Instagram! Just search #kindergartenkraziness.

I plan on going in to school tomorrow with some reinforcements (aka my niece). I hope to knock out everything above the dotted line! They say to Dream Big right??

When do you go back to school? Do you have a lot to do still?

Hugs and Smiles


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big Time Blogging Challenge: My Teaching Idols

Howdy Folks! How's your week going. It's almost Friday. Woot Woot! Even though we're not in school right now, I still love FRIDAY! Today I'm linking up again with the Big Time Literacy's Big Time Blogging Challenge.

The challenge for today is to share a little about your teaching idols.

One of my idols is Dr.Sherri Griffin. I had the pleasure of knowing her as a professor, but some might know her as an author of a great deal of curriculum for the Missouri Department of Conservation and her book My Big World of Wonder.
Sherri  is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever had the pleasure to know, and I seriously think she might be superwoman. This woman teaches preschool 2 mornings a week AND a full 12 hours of college classes. That's a lot of work!It makes me tired just typing it! 

I'm not the most confident person in the world, but Sherri made me feel like my ideas were valid, and if I worked hard enough I could be great! She pushed me to work really hard and think outside the box. Sherri was and still is one of my biggest teaching idols. 

I also idolize all the amazing teacher bloggers out there. There are so many AWESOME teachers out there that work so hard to help their students achieve great things. I'm especailly inspired by those who integreate technology so seamlessly into their classrooms!

Thank You to all my teaching idols! Keep on doin' what you do! You're Awesome!

-Hugs and Smiles-


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Teacher Tale

I'm linking up with Big Time Literacy's Big Time Blogging Challenge! 

I'm seven a few days late, but better late than never right? I think it's an awesome idea, especially because I'm brand new to blogging too! Coincidence? I think not!

Today we're blogging about how we ended up in education.

I don't really know when I first "decided" to be a teacher, but I do know that I have ALWAYS wanted to be one! When I was in 1st grade I dressed up as a teacher for career day! From then on, it was set, I would be a teacher! When it came time to choose a college major, education was a no-brainer for me. 

My real passion for teaching came about in college mostly in part to being inspired by some amazing professors and awesome classmates.Just being surrounded by people who were so passionate about teaching inspired me greatly! These days I'm inspired by all you teacher bloggers out there! Your ideas and honesty about teaching is what keeps me going!  I love learning about learning! 

Go on over to Big Time Literacy and join the linky party!
Hugs and Smiles


July Already?!?

I can hardly believe that it's not only July already, let alone the 8th! I'm starting to ease out of my summer relaxation mode and get back into teaching mode. Right now that mostly means I've been blog stalking and pinterest-ing! There are so many great blogs out there, I could spend hours just reading and exploring!

 I did go to school for a while yesterday. It always seems like it takes for-ev-er to get anything done! Luckily not very many people were there, so I wasn't too tempted to gab instead of work! 
 There are SO MANY bulletin boards in this new room, so right now I'm just focusing on getting them done. I always feel better once I get the boards up, then I can focus on lesson planning.Pics of the bulletin boards are coming soon!

 Are you getting ready for school yet or still enjoying your summer?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little Bit About Me

Hey Folks! Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to be here! My name is Rachel and I'm from a teeny-tiny-microscopic town in Central Missouri. Seriously, it's not even on the map, so don't bother looking! I'm 24 years old, newly married and lovin' life! I'm teaching Kindergarten for the very first time this year and I am SO EXCITED! I'll be working at a mid-sized Catholic school just down the road in yet another tiny town. I'm anxious to try out new ideas a learn a ton right along with my krazy kindergarteners! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check me out on Instagram at #kindergartenkraziness.

Hugs and Smiles