Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School Time Already?!?

Helloooooo people of the blogging world! I hope you're enjoying you summer break! My days of lounging on the couch and taking naps are virtually over. :(  School starts on August 13 for us, and I have exactly 9 days left to work in my classroom.
 I have done a lot of work in my room but I have SO MUCH left to do!
Here is a picture of my to-do list(ignore my terrible handwriting!) :

And those are just the things I could think of at the moment!

On the bright side, I have managed to get quite a bit done! You can see some of my progress on Instagram! Just search #kindergartenkraziness.

I plan on going in to school tomorrow with some reinforcements (aka my niece). I hope to knock out everything above the dotted line! They say to Dream Big right??

When do you go back to school? Do you have a lot to do still?

Hugs and Smiles


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