Thursday, January 1, 2015

A First Time for Everything- Currently January

Hello Lovely Readers! 

As they say there's a first time for everything! Today I'm doing something new and linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently Linky Party!

 I am super excited to join all the fun that this Linky Party brings! So without further adieu...

** Listening**
My Hubby is playing Halo on the Xbox. This is how we spend our "lazy days." He plays games, I cruise around the teacher blogger world, while maybe definitely catching up on my favorite shows!


I'm loving having all this time off for Christmas break! I've spent a lot of time just hanging out with my hubby and relaxing. Of course we've also have some days where we've run around like chickens with our heads cut off! It seems all our friends/family always decide to host their holiday parties on the same days, and we try our hardest to go to them all! I'm ready to get back to school and my regular routine! 


I really should have gone up to school today and gotten everything for next week finalized, but I didn't! I'll pay for my lazy day next week when I'm rushing to make copies! Eeek! 

** Wanting**

This year I have been so incredibly blessed to have 3 beautiful babies born into my life.  Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way, and I don't get as many chances to snuggle with them as I would like! I miss their squishy faces! I need to visit with one of them soon and get my "baby fix"!

** Needing**

 I really do need to put our Christmas tree away. It's just a tiny little thing, but the tub it belongs in is in the back of a closet cluttered up with junk I really just don't want to tackle!

** Yes, Maybe, I Wish**

In 2015 I will definitely work on becoming more organized in my home and my school life!

Maybe 2015 is the year I we will be blessed with a baby of our own! I'm hoping 2015 is our year, but only God knows his plan for us, and until our time comes I'm trying to be patient!

I wish I could open my own thrift store. It's no secret I love getting a good deal, and am not ashamed of buying second-hand! If I could open my own store, I would cater to the plus-size- I want to be fashionable but I'm not a millionaire-  market

And that's it! Here's to my very first currently and an awesome start to 2015!

Happy New Year!



  1. Hi Rachel!!! I also need to put that tree away, but I really love it!!! It is so sparkly! Why can't we leave it up all year??

    Good luck with becoming more organized at home and school. If you come across any great techniques or tips, we would love for you to share them. We are in definite need of some organizing!! Sending prayers and happy thoughts that this will be your year!!

    1. I think we should be able to leave them up all year! Maybe I will and I'll just change out the decorations to make it a "Valentine's Tree" or an "Easter Tree" Haha! I'll be sure to share any great ideas I come across!

  2. Hi there! I have loved this break soooooo much. Our district does not let us go in outside of school days (6:30am-10pm on school days are the only time we can access our buildings). I'm SO glad for the rule this year because I know I would have gone into school and I needed to rest and recharge more. I hope you aren't too scattered next week trying to get everything ready and done :)

    1. That certainly is a rule that can be both a blessing and a curse! I'm hoping next week is a good one too!

  3. I hope 2015 is your year!!! I too have been trying to be patient with God's plan, we can do it!!! I am all about the organization this year!! Good Luck!!!

    1. Oh you don't even know how comforting it is to hear I'm not the only one patiently waiting!